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The National Talent Academy is committed to supporting nationally recognised frameworks. 
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NCFE Endorsed Programme

A number of National Talent Academy courses display the NCFE Endorsed Programme logo. This means the course has been reviewed by a Subject Specialist and endorsed by NCFE. NCFE is an awarding organisation recognised by the qualification regulators for England (Ofqual, Wales (Qualification Wales) and Northern Ireland (CCEA Regulation). These are unregulated programmes and are not a nationally recognised qualifications.
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Gatsby BM2 - Learning from career and labour market information

High quality careers information for EVERY learner

During their study programme all learners should access and use information about all career paths and the labour market to inform their own decisions about study options. It is critical that learners are supported, particularly in key transition moments, to understand opportunities and the changing labour market and how this could impact the shape of their current plans. Every student should have access to good quality information about labour market opportunities and be supported to make the best use of available information.

National Talent Academy's approach to Gatsby BM2

At the National Talent Academy, we take an unashamedly positive view of the future. We are mindful of the rapid pace of change in the workplace and want learners to be equipped so that change can work in their favour.

In the context of Gatsby BM2, the Careers and Enterprise Company emphasise the importance of ensuring learners are aware of the new opportunities and challenges of the changing labour market and address assumptions and misconceptions.

To this end, we teach Futureproof Career Skills, which are skills and character qualities that will ALWAYS be needed and valuable in a constantly changing workplace.

Gatsby BM3 - Addressing the needs of each pupil

National Talent Academy's approach to Gatsby BM3

The National Talent Academy focuses on aligning the learner’s strengths and passions with roles, skills, and character qualities that will always be needed for a successful career. We do this through our Futureproof Careers Skills framework. Our courses incorporate self-assessment exercises and career exploration activities to help learners identify their strengths and interests, allowing them to align them with various career options. In particular, we emphasise eight Portable Skills needed in every industry. This helps them make informed decisions about their future pathways. 

Eight Portable Skills needed in every industry

The National Talent Academy's Futureproof Careers Framework includes information about eight Portable Skills needed in every industry, so if an industry is disrupted by change, employees can simply move to another industry that’s growing. 
Learners are invited to self-reflect which of these career choices might be a good fit for them, which is different for every learner.
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Finding a successful career involves finding the right 'fit' for each person. Young people should look for something that... 
  • They love
  • They're good at
  • The world values - and always will
The National Talant Academy helps learners find the best fit for them as individuals. 

Skills Builder Impact Level 4

For organisations implementing the Skills Builder Universal Framework of essential skills

National Talent Academy's 'Developing a winning mentality' and 'Speaking confidently in public' courses are accredited by Skills Builder at Impact Level 4. Impact Level 4 is the highest level and recognises those programmes that can demonstrate impact - meaning learners are making progress in specific steps on Skills Builder Universal Framework.

The ability to set clear, tangible goals and devise a robust route to achieving them

The oral transmission of information or ideas

KS4 PSHE Living in the Wider World

National Talent Academy's Introduction to Futureproof Career Skills course covers key benchmarks in the KS4 PSHE Living in the Wider World curriculum. Some helpful topics in the course include:

  • Futureproof career skills
  • Starting a business
  • Assets, debt and financial freedom
  • Managing your personal brand
  • Getting a job

Transferable Employability Skills

National Talent Academy's Extension Programme teaches Transferable Employability Skills including: