NCFE-endorsed short online courses in essential work skills

31-hours of short courses to support post-16 study programmes, T Level, apprentices and NEET learners.
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Where it fits?

Meaningful work-related learning, designed to help learners gain job-related skills and develop confidence, character and resilience. 

Study Programmes


Employment and pastoral (EEP) support that develops work-readiness skills and informs choices of occupational sepcialism.

T Level Transition

Part of transition programmes. Develops approaches to study needed by students – National Technical Outcomes.

T Level Work Taster Activities

Up to 35 hours can be delivered remotely and count towards industry placement hours. 



Develops confidence and motivation.  NCFE-endorsed certificates  highlight learners' achievements to future employers. 



Supports training and maps to many Standards notably soft skills and behaviours identified in Apprentice Standards.
where it fits

Planned EEP activity

Our courses are perfect for planned employment, enrichment and pastoral (EEP) activity and suit a variety of study programmes and flexible delivery methods. 


  • Essential Work Skills 
  • Supports a variety of Study Programmes  
  • Flexible delivery 
  • Fun, engaging format 
  • NCFE-endorsed

Essential Work Skills

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Courses cover...

  • Futureproof careers
  • Portable skills 
  • Public speaking
  • Financial literacy
  • Winning mentality

Supports a variety of Study Programmes

The programme supports a variety of Study Programmes including technical, academic and preparation for employment. 

T Level work taster hours 

"Up to a maximum of 35 hours of work taster activities can be counted towards
students’ total number of placement hours. These activities can be undertaken remotely. Work taster activities can be used to help students make a more informed decision when choosing their specialism, ideally within the first year of study." 

From 'Industry placement delivery approaches - Guidance for T Level providers - June 2023' at page 6. 

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Flexible Delivery

The programme can be planned, supervised and organised within an institution's normal working pattern. 

NCFE Endorsed Programme

The courses are enrichment activities organised and quality assured by a college or training provider under the supervision of the National Talent Academy. They are unregulated qualifications and are not nationally recognised qualifications. The courses might lead to an award (coming soon), which is also unregulated.  
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Hub-and-spoke delivery model

NCFE endorsement is designed to give formal recognition to National Talent Academy’s bespoke programmes. An endorsed programme is not recognised as a regulated qualification. The courses have been reviewed by an NCFE subject specialist and endorsed by NCFE demonstrating the quality and rigour. NCFE is an awarding organisation recognised by the qualification regulators for England (Ofqual, Wales (Qualification Wales) and Northern Ireland (CCEA Regulation). 

Fun online format

  • Videos
  • Quizzes
  • Self-reflection Qs
  • Worksheets
  • Self-paced with peer-review option

Courses available


Auditable evidence provided

We provide auditable evidence in the form of progress reports (MS Excel) and NCFE-endorsed certificates, which are stored centrally online. Planned hours of EEP activity can be recorded on the Individualised Learner Record (ILR) aligned to individual learning aims. 

delivery model

Flexible Enrolment 

Learners can be enrolled either via data upload or via learner self-enrolment. Learner self-enrolment means the Delivery Partner is given a voucher code that can be used multiple times but is capped at a certain number of enrolments. 

Post-16 Learners tell their story

National Talent Academy learners at Bow School, Tower Hamlets, London talk about what inspires them to be successful. 
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Mohamed Sulaiman

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Orfa Zaman

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Raian Haque

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Rayan Kabondo

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Usman Tariq

Case Study

Post-16 learners gained confidence and essential work skills.
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FE Colleges webinar

Wednesday April 24 at 5pm

Supported by the Association of Colleges. 
National Talent Academy is looking for feedback from a select number of FE colleges on the applicability of its NCFE-endorsed short online courses in essential work skills for T Level Work Taster Activities, Study Programmes, Apprenticeships and NEET learners. 
Attendees will have the opportunity to be part of the early development and get substantial discounts.
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Free 30 minute consult

Wondering how National Talent Academy can work in your setting? Our consult covers:
  • Which learners will benefit most? 
  • 'Selling' the programme to learners?
  • Which colleagues to include? 
  • Timetabling and technology  
  • What support is provided?
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What people are saying

Danny Lye

Headteacher, Bow School, Tower Hamlets

"It’s been fantastic to see the growing confidence, skills and raised aspirations of those students who have taken part. Hearing the young people talk about their heroes and those who inspire them, as part, of the programme was pretty special too. I am confident that involvement in the programme boosts our students chances of future success."

Hodo Mohamud

Careers Lead, Bow School, Tower Hamlets

"The results have been remarkable. This is a valuable resource that every student should take advantage of. The platform is easy to navigate and the National Talent Academy team has been brilliant and helped every step of the way."

Carl Kemp

Careers Lead, George Green's School, Tower Hamlets

"I like the structure of the content from its questions to the styling. It's simple, easy to follow and super easy to deliver to a class of students. The model can also be delivered in small blocks of time, so it's super flexible and can be fitted into a busy school."


Our Futureproof Careers Framework

Our Futureproof Careers framework helps prepare young people for a changing world.
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About Us

National Talent Academy provides endorsed online courses for essential work skills. The courses are the result of many years of R&D including partnerships with Manchester University and Morgan Stanley leading to a Futureproof Careers Framework. 

National Talent Academy was founded in 2020 by Cambridge graduate David Jaffa, who previously founded SAM Learning, an online learning tool for GCSE and KS3 used in hundreds of English secondary schools, and Penda Learning, an online Science and Math tool for US schools. David received the BETT Outstanding Achievement Award for his lifetime achievements in EdTech.