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NCFE-accredited essential work skills online

33-hours of short online units for post-16 study programmes, T Level, and Apprentices leading to a Level 3 Award qualification.
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An easy-to-deliver way for learners to demonstrate essential skills valued by employers. 

Where it fits?

Meaningful work-related learning, designed to help learners gain job-related skills and develop confidence, character and resilience. 

16-19 Study Programmes

Essential Work Skills develops work-readiness
skills and informs choices of occupational specialism; and it fits perfectly as
tailored learning.

T Level Transition

Part of transition programmes. Develops approaches to study needed by students – National Technical Outcomes.

T Level Work Taster Activities

Up to 35 hours can be delivered remotely and count towards industry placement hours. 



Supports training and maps to the knowledge, skills and behaviours of several  Apprentice Standards.
where it fits

Tailored learning

Our courses are perfect for planned employment, enrichment and pastoral activity supported through the ASF, and suit a variety of study programmes and flexible delivery methods. 


  • Supports a variety of Study Programmes  
  • Supports the Personal Development strand of the Education Inspection Framework  
  • Easy to deliver 
  • Fun, engaging format 
  • NCFE-accredited

Study Programmes 16-19

As part of the new Adult Skills Funding (ASF), the term tailored learning brings together what was Adult Education Budget (AEB) community learning, formula-funded AEB non-regulated learning (previously delivered through adult skills) and any new employer-facing innovative provision that is not qualification based.

Essential Work Skills

We provide an introduction unit and four extension units. Learners receive an NCFE-endorsed certificate for every unit completed. Learners who complete all four extension units can enter for a Level 3 Award. 

Supports a variety of Study Programmes

The programme supports a variety of Study Programmes including technical, academic and preparation for employment. Supports the Personal Development strand of the Education Inspection Framework. 

T Level work taster hours 

"Up to a maximum of 35 hours of work taster activities can be counted towards
students’ total number of placement hours. These activities can be undertaken remotely. Work taster activities can be used to help students make a more informed decision when choosing their specialism, ideally within the first year of study." 

Essential Work Skills can support such activity.

From 'Industry placement delivery approaches - Guidance for T Level providers - June 2023' at page 6. 

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Supports the Education Inspection Framework > Personal Development

  • Discover learners' interests and talents  
  • Develop learners' character 
  • Prepare learners for future success

Fits with Tailored learning

  • Non-regulated qualification  
  • Supports learners into employment 
  • Stretching provision 
  • Employer flexibility 
  • Perfect for Tailored learning 

Flexible Delivery

The programme can be planned, supervised and organised within an institution's normal working pattern. 
removing barriers


The delivery model is deliberately simplified in order to remove barriers and maximise participation. 
  • All courseware is provided online. Specialist content is delivered by video. 
  • Award submission is done by learners themselves online. Submissions are visible to staff via our online platform. No need for hard copy files. 
  • Learners upload coursework chosen from two lessons out of 29 plus their Video CV. 
  • A standard lesson format is used, ensuring minimal learning curve for staff. 
  • The programme is suitable for settings where staff may not be confident teaching essential skills. 
  • Learners' progress is tracked and is visible via the online platform.  

Fun online format

  • Videos
  • Quizzes
  • Self-reflection Qs
  • Worksheets
  • Self-paced with peer-review option

Portfolio of evidence

Learners complete the four units listed below and upload coursework chosen from two lessons out of 29, plus their Video CV, to qualify for the award. 
essential work skills qualification

Valued by employers

The National Talent Award Level 3 in Essential Work Skills enables learners to highlight their essential skills to potential employers. 
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8 Portable Skills needed in every industry

Portable Skills

Learners identify their strongest Portable Skill from:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Customer Support
  • Finance
  • Negotiation
  • IT
  • Project Manger
“Hire for attitude. Train for skills.” Herb Kelleher, legendary co-founder of Southwest Airlines
valued by employers

Qualification includes...

The Qualification Guide includes the Learner Outcomes and Assessment Criteria below, all of which must be evidenced by learners to qualify for the award.

A Video CV

What inspires me to be be successful?

Learners upload a Video CV as part of their award submission.
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Mohamed Sulaiman

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Orfa Zaman

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Raian Haque

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Rayan Kabondo

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Usman Tariq

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Extension units

In addition to submitting their portfolio of evidence, you must also have completed all four extension units to enter for the Level 3 Award. 

Auditable evidence provided

We provide auditable evidence in the form of progress reports (MS Excel) and NCFE-endorsed certificates, which are stored centrally online. Planned hours of EEP activity can be recorded on the Individualised Learner Record (ILR) aligned to individual learning aims. 

delivery model

Flexible Enrolment 

Learners can be enrolled either via data upload or via learner self-enrolment. Learner self-enrolment means the Delivery Partner is given a voucher code that can be used multiple times but is capped at a certain number of enrolments. 

Delivery partner discussion

Considering becoming a delivery partner? Our 30 minute partnership discussion covers:
  • Overview of the qualification 
  • Benefits for delivery partners and learners
  • Online platform
  • Implementation and support 
  • Sources of funding - tailored learning 

Book a time

Or email us at hello@nationaltalent.org.

NCFE Certificates

On completion of the Level 3 Award, learners will receive a certificate of achievement. The certificate is evidence of the knowledge and skills gained by completing the qualification. This qualification has been accredited by NCFE under the Customised Qualification and the certificate of achievement will be issued directly by NCFE. This is an unregulated qualification and is not a nationally recognised qualification. It therefore fits within the tailored learning envelope.

Level 3 Award

This qualification has been accredited as a Customised Qualification and we have benchmarked the qualification’s learning outcomes and assessment criteria at Level 3 (using a national framework’s level descriptors) to allow you to demonstrate the difficulty and depth of study. 

Customised Qualification

The Level 3 qualification has been developed to meet the specific needs of our learners and has been accredited by NCFE demonstrating the quality and rigor. NCFE is an awarding organisation recognised by the qualification regulators for England (Ofqual), Wales (Qualifications Wales) and Northern Ireland (CCEA Regulation). This is an unregulated qualification and is not a nationally recognised qualification. 
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NCFE Endorsed Units

Learners receive an NCFE-endorsed certificate for every unit completed. Learners who complete all four extension units can enter for a Level 3 Award. 

The units are enrichment activities organised and quality assured by a college or training provider under the supervision of the National Talent Academy. They are unregulated qualifications and are not nationally recognised qualifications. 

Hub and spoke model

FE colleges, training providers, schools and youth organisations are appointed as delivery partners for the Level 3 Award. 

Case Study

Post-16 learners gained confidence and essential work skills.


Skills Builder Impact Level 4

For organisations implementing the Skills Builder Universal Framework of essential skills

National Talent Academy's 'Developing a winning mentality' and 'Speaking confidently in public' courses are accredited by Skills Builder at Impact Level 4. Impact Level 4 is the highest level and recognises those programmes that can demonstrate impact - meaning learners are making progress in specific steps on Skills Builder Universal Framework.

The ability to set clear, tangible goals and devise a robust route to achieving them

The oral transmission of information or ideas

Futureproof Careers Framework

National Talent Academy units are based on our Futureproof Careers Framework, which is designed to help learners thrive in environment of rapid change. 

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About Us

National Talent Academy provides endorsed online courses for essential work skills. The courses are the result of many years of R&D including partnerships with Manchester University and Morgan Stanley leading to a Futureproof Careers Framework. 

National Talent Academy was founded in 2020 by Cambridge graduate David Jaffa, who previously founded SAM Learning, an online learning tool for GCSE and KS3 used in hundreds of English secondary schools, and Penda Learning, an online Science and Math tool for US schools. David received the BETT Outstanding Achievement Award for his lifetime achievements in EdTech.