Developing a Winning Mentality

Your success is in your own hands



7 lessons
1 hour each


Worksheets and Speeches


Quizzes and Buddy Review

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On Completion

NCFE-endorsed Certificate

About this course

Bilal Fawaz, Professional Boxer

To be successful in life, you need to develop the mindset to seize opportunities and bounce back from setbacks. Athletes like Bilal Fawaz, narrator on this course, train every aspect to give them an edge, including having a winning mentality. This course also includes speaking in public, a superb skill that will set you apart in the workplace and will help you to become a mentality monster. 


  • Set life and career goals 
  • Make a plan for career success
  • Build confidence and self-belief 
  • Build Character, a Futureproof Career Skill
  • Build Transferable Employability Skills  
  • Sets you apart in the workplace 
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The programme has been reviewed by a Subject Specialist and endorsed by NCFE.

Use to prepare for...

  • Job interviews
  • University interviews
  • Video CVs
  • Your future ! 

The course has seven lessons of one hour each. You will give a speech in every lesson and give and receive feedback from buddies. 


  • Hero in Me
  • Ring of Fire
  • Negativity Bias
  • Emotional State
  • Life Goals
  • Career Planning
  • Hero Statement 

Build confidence and self belief

National Talent Academy learners at Bow School, Tower Hamlets, London that completed this course talk about what inspires them to be successful. 
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Mohamed Sulaiman

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Orfa Zaman

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Raian Haque

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Rayan Kabondo

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Usman Tariq

Monia Islam, George Green's School, Tower Hamlets, London (National Talent Academy learner)

Speak in public

In 2021, two teams of National Talent Academy learners (all mentality monsters) pitched 5 dragons and a global audience of 120 Morgan Stanley staff from around the world as part of a 'Dragon for a Day' online pitch event. 

Bilal Fawaz

Bilal is a professional boxer who has boxed for England. But life did not start out easy for Bilal, who was trafficked as a child from Nigeria to the UK, where he went through the child support system. However, Bilal refused to allow difficulities in his past to define his future. Rather he worked on his mentality. Ultimately, he used his winning mentality to become a successful boxer and get his life on track.  

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