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Empowering the future: short online course ignites Y10 learners' confidence and self-belief


Bridlington School, East Riding of Yorkshire, UK - A recent survey conducted among Year 10 learners at Bridlington School has revealed an inspiring message of hope and self-belief. An overwhelming 99% of students believe that their future is in their own hands, demonstrating a remarkable level of confidence and determination.
The survey was conducted as part of the ‘Introduction to Futureproof Career Skills’ course, provided by the National Talent Academy. This course is designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge they need to navigate the future job market successfully.

While the students acknowledged the existence of societal challenges, with 86% agreeing that some people have more advantages than others and 90% recognising that prejudice still exists in the world, they remained overwhelmingly optimistic about their personal prospects. A significant 92% of students believe that their background will not necessarily determine their future success.

Furthermore, the students identified ‘Persistence’ and ‘Deciding to go for it’ as the most important factors in determining their future, with 90% of students endorsing these attitudes. This finding underscores the importance of resilience and determination in achieving career success.

A summary is as follows:

  • 86% said some people have more advantages than others.
  • 90% said prejudice exists.


  • 92% said your background doesn’t always affect how successful you will be in life.
  • 90% said ‘Deciding to ‘go for it’’ and/or ‘Persistence’ are the most important factors determining their future.
  • 99% said their future is in their own hands.

The results from Bridlington School are a testament to the positive impact the ‘Introduction to Futureproof Career Skills’ course can have on students’ attitudes towards their future. 
Simon Pick, Assistant Headteacher, Aspirations and Careers
“Careers is a central strand of our curriculum. We use the National Talent Academy Futureproof Careers course for year 10 learners who don’t go out on work experience to give them a meaningful careers interaction and an NCFE endorsed certificate. We’ve found our students engage with the course really well and find it useful in getting them thinking about future careers and skills in a focussed, meaningful way.”
David Jaffa, Founder, National Talent Academy
“We are incredibly proud of the students at Bridlington School. Their positive attitudes and belief in their ability to shape their own futures are exactly what we aim to foster through our Futureproof Career Skills course.”

Case Study

Here is a full Case Study on Bridlington School, East Riding of Yorkshire's use of the 'Introduction to futureproof career skills' online course from the National Talent Academy.

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