Career skills to flourish in a changing world

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Our courses for UK secondary schools: 

Living in the Wider World

  • PSHE KS4

  • 11 Lessons with video

  • Suitable for tutor time

Futureproof Careers

  • Year 12 

  • Supported by marquee employers 

  • Certification 

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Exemplar Work

NTA students have done some superb work during lockdown. Take a look...

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Jaffa Framework 

All NTA courses are based on the Jaffa Framework for careers in growth industries. 

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NTA Living in the Wider World is an introductory course that supports PSHE KS4 Living in the Wider World. Key features are: 


All benchmarks covered

11 video-based lessons

Suitable for tutor time

Certificates for students

Content Samples

Schools are encouraged to try out these content samples with students to determine whether NTA Living in the Wider World is a good fit for your school. 

Financial Freedom - How to be rich in 15 minutes

PSHE KS4 Curriculum Guide

  • PSHE KS4 Curriculum Guide

  • 11 Lessons 

  • Each lesson contains



£300 p.a. 

Only available in the UK 
(overseas schools and licensing enquiries, please email

Lesson Plan 
Video (8-10 mins) 
Discussion questions 

  •  Certificates for students

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Key features are: 

  • Year 12 

  • Career skills to thrive amidst innovation and change

  • Supported by marquee employers such as Morgan Stanley 

  • All courseware and materials provided. 

  • Dial-in experts and surprise guests. 

  • Externally moderated and accredited. 

  • Suitable for non-specialist teacher (current staff member) with 3-half-days training. 

  • Waiting list for schools to join the program 

  • Supports the Gatsby Benchmarks


Gatsby Benchmarks

NTA supports the Gatsby Benchmarks by challenging stereotypical thinking and raising aspirations.  It is a selective program that takes ambitious young people, coaches them in workplace skills and opens doors to in internships and other opportunities with marquee companies they would not normally get. We help students identify and evidence their strengths, through a rigorous certification process.



39 Lessons (90-120 mins per week) 
     Winning Mentality 
     Portable Skills 
     Financial Freedom 
Entrepreneur Boot Camp 

     Jobs and Placements 

Dial-in experts and surprise guests 

Certificates and Celebration Assembly 

Selection process for students

Video Personal Statements for students 

Comprehensive Resources  
     Lesson Plans 
     Video introduction to each concept 
     Discussion questions 
     Worksheets and pre-populated spreadsheets 


Opportunities with marquee employers students wouldn't otherwise get


We are looking for a total of 10 schools within the following London Boroughs for a September 2021 start: 

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City of London

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Kensington & Chelsea

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Tower Hamlets 

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Examples by NTA students


Monia had a unique idea for this task 'Sell Spongebob Squarepants flowerpots to a Primary School Headteacher'. She found relevant material online, wrote a script and recorded this video, all in 14 mins. 

Monia Islam, Year 12, George Green's School, London Docklands

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Sports website created in 40 minutes.

Miaad Gaffer,  Year 12, George Green's School, London Docklands

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NTA uses the Jaffa Framework, a collection of skills, knowledge and attitudes that prepare young people to flourish in a changing world. The Jaffa Framework was developed by the Jaffa Foundation and comprises three elements: 


Portable Skills

Portable skills have value across industry boundaries and enable young people play to their strengths. This  helps effective teams to form quickly and seize new opportunities. 


Character Strong

Character Strong is defined as doing the right thing and the thing that’s needed when it’s hard. This quality sets people apart in the workplace, for example, where they are prepared to take responsibility for results. 


Asset Mindset

There is a need to build assets of all types and in all sectors of the economy. 



National Talent Academy (NTA) teaches the career skills to flourish in a changing world and finds students opportunities with marquee employers they would not normally get. NTA does this by offering courses in secondary schools. 

NTA was founded by Cambridge graduate and edtech entrepreneur David Jaffa in 2020. David previously founded SAM Learning, an online learning tool for GCSE and KS3 used in hundreds of English secondary schools, and Penda Learning, an online Science and Math tool for US schools. Penda was sold in 2019. 

Reflecting on his academic and business career, David has given a lot of thought to the knowledge, skills and character attributes his own children need to be successful in a changing world. This led him to develop the Jaffa Framework, on which all NTA courses are based.

NTA operates as a non-profit through Jaffa Foundation. We aim to launch a for-profit arm one day. 

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Rory Graves

Rory works at Morgan Stanley and brings his skills as a certified Toastmaster to presentation skills teaching at NTA. 

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Maxine Jaffa

Maxine has a background in teaching and neuropsychology. Her book 'Emotion' is a collaboration with Mark Solms, Antonio Damasio and Oliver Sacks.

Thor Conklin

Thor has founded, bought and sold several multi-million dollar businesses and is a peak performance consultant to several multi-millionaire entrepreneurs.

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Emily Cotterill

Emily specialises in developing resources for PSHE, Citizenship and Careers and has ten years experience teaching in inner city schools.



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