NCFE-accredited essential skills courses online

33-hours of short online courses for schools, FE colleges and training providers, leading to a Level 3 Award in Essential Work Skills.
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For Schools

Short online units help learners gain knowledge, skills and confidence for a successful career. All units come with an NCFE-endorsed certificate, leading ultimately to a Level 3 Award.

For FE Colleges and Independent Training Providers

33-hours of short online units for post-16 study programmes, T-Levels, and Apprenticeship provision. Leading to a Level 3 Award (non-regulated Qualification). Suitable for building into a Tailored Learning package, and T-Level taster provision.

Become a satellite centre

The National Talent Academy is actively recruiting delivery partners for our NCFE-endorsed units leading to a 'National Talent Award Level 3 in Essential Work Skills'. 

For Schools

For Post-16

Short online courses for Essential Work Skills

NCFE says...

"This programme is interesting, well planned and informative. It will inspire young people to raise their aspirations and consider portable skills for the future." 
ncfe-endorsed ONLINE COURSE

Introduction to Futureproof Career Skills

A three-hour self-paced course with videos, quizzes and an NCFE-endorsed certificate for every learner.
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Extension Units

Each extension unit is seven to eight hours long and provides an NCFE-endorsed certificate on completion. Extension units cover: 
  • Portable skills 
  • Financial literacy
  • Public speaking
  • Winning mentality
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NCFE CUSTOMISED qualification

National Talent Award Level 3 in Essential Work Skills

The National Talent Award Level 3 in Essential Work Skills is a new qualification accredited by NCFE that enables learners to highlight their essential skills to potential employers, based on completed in the extension units. 
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Skills Builder Impact Level 4

For organisations implementing the Skills Builder Universal Framework of essential skills

National Talent Academy's 'Developing a winning mentality' and 'Speaking confidently in public' courses are accredited by Skills Builder at Impact Level 4. Impact Level 4 is the highest level and recognises those programmes that can demonstrate impact - meaning learners are making progress in specific steps on Skills Builder Universal Framework.

The ability to set clear, tangible goals and devise a robust route to achieving them

The oral transmission of information or ideas

Advance your career

Get your FREE 'Improving Learner Confidence' video (4 mins)

In this video, David Jaffa, founder of the National Talent Academy discusses how to improve learners agency, self-belief and orient them towards a bright future ahead of them.
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Case Studies

Post-16 Learners tell their story

National Talent Academy learners at Bow School, Tower Hamlets, London talk about what inspires them to be successful. 
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Mohamed Sulaiman

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Orfa Zaman

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Raian Haque

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Rayan Kabondo

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Usman Tariq

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Bow School, Tower Hamlets, London

Post-16 learners gained confidence and essential work skills.
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Bridlington School, East Riding of Yorkshire

Year 10

A few fan reviews...

I learned that my success is down to me. This course has shown me how it can be done. Now I’m excited for my future. FIVE STARS!

A few fan reviews...

I loved the lesson about financial freedom. I was worried about the future before. Now I’m confident. Yowsa.

A few fan reviews...

Students can work independently, in small blocks of time, within an on online environment supported by a National Talent Academy tutor (who was great). This saved me loads of time as the Head of Careers for a busy school.

What people are saying

Simon Pick

Assistant Head, Bridlington School, East Riding of Yorkshire

The National Talent Academy has been great for us. The programme is very easy to implement and use. Learners like it. Our cohort is 25% SEN and 50% FSM and they could all get through it. The forums say some inspectors spend a lot of time on careers, whereas others don't look at it all. It gives me peace of mind to have a certificated programme in place.

Hodo Mohamud

Careers Lead, Bow School, Tower Hamlets

The results have been remarkable. This is a valuable resource that every student should take advantage of. The platform is easy to navigate and the National Talent Academy team has been brilliant and helped every step of the way. 

Carl Kemp

Careers Lead, George Green's School, Tower Hamlets

I like the structure of the content from its questions to the styling. It's simple, easy to follow and super easy to deliver to a class of students. The model can also be delivered in small blocks of time, so it's super flexible and can be fitted into a busy school.


Our rationale


The workplace is changing fast

Some skills have a short shelf-life because the workplace is changing fast.   

Futureproof career skills are useful

Ideally, learners would acquire skills that will always be relevant whatever the future may hold. 

Endorsed certificates

Learners need a way to demonstrate their skills to future employers via endorsed certificates. 

Futureproof Careers Framework

National Talent Academy units are based on our Futureproof Careers Framework, which is designed to help learners thrive in environment of rapid change. 

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About Us

National Talent Academy provides endorsed online courses for essential work skills. The courses are the result of many years of R&D including partnerships with Manchester University and Morgan Stanley leading to a Futureproof Careers Framework. 

National Talent Academy was founded in 2020 by Cambridge graduate David Jaffa, who previously founded SAM Learning, an online learning tool for GCSE and KS3 used in hundreds of English secondary schools, and Penda Learning, an online Science and Math tool for US schools. David received the BETT Outstanding Achievement Award for his lifetime achievements in EdTech.